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DOMINATOR II Ballistic Helmet


DOMINATOR II™ Forced Entry IIIA Ballistic Helmet

This forced entry special operations helmet system is designed and fabricated to defeat fragments and small arms rounds (I.e. 44mag / 9mm). The DOMINATOR II™ solid performance and comfort during extended operations. The MICH TC-2000 version full cut helmet is used extensively by U.S. Military & Law Enforcement, foreign military’s, and NGO special operations teams.

The shell of the helmet is constructed of cross hatched para-aramid fibers bonded with a phenolic resin matrix. It meets or exceed the national Institute of Justice (NIJ) STD 0106.01 modified for

Armor comes with 5 year Limited Warranty


Understanding Threat Levels


Available to (non-felon) US Citizens, Legal US Residents, US Military and Law Enforcement

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