DOMINATOR II Forced Entry IIIA Ballistic Helmet


DOMINATOR II™ Forced Entry IIIA Ballistic Helmet

Available to (non-felon) US Citizens, Legal US Residents, US Military and Law Enforcement

Size Selection Instructions Below

Understanding Threat Levels


The DOMINATOR II™ Ballistic Forced Entry Special Operations Helmet System is designed and fabricated to defeat fragments and small arms rounds (I.e. 44mag / 9mm). The DOMINATOR II™ solid performance and comfort during extended operations. The MICH TC-2000 version full cut helmet is used extensively by U.S. Military & Law Enforcement, foreign military’s, and NGO special operations teams.

The shell of the helmet is constructed of cross hatched para-aramid fibers bonded with a phenolic resin matrix. It meets or exceed the national Institute of Justice (NIJ) STD 0106.01 modified for ballistic penetration and AR/PD 10-02 Rev. A, for back face deformation protection standards.

Our FPS I™ (pronounced fips) Foam Padding System is comprised of 7 removable pads for complete customization. The four point padded nape H harness system achieves maximum fit and total comfort. During extended operations this helmet remains stable even when donning Night Vision Goggles (NVG) mounted in our aircraft aluminum grade MilSpec NVG shroud.

The DOMINATOR II™ incorporates our DLR Type II™ (dual lateral rail) Helmet Borne Accessory Rail System designed specifically for this shape helmet shell. They allow for various accessories to be ergonomically attached to the lateral flank of the helmet shell such as IR indicators, flashlights, video cameras, and comm headsets.

The DOMINATOR II™ is priced with the real world Operator in mind. Affording protection you need at prices you can afford.



Combat Helmet Sizing

Small – 18″ to 21″ skull circumference
Medium – 22″ to 25″ skull circumference
Large – 26″ to 29″ skull circumference


*This is an ITAR controlled item and cannot be shipped outside of the United States without the proper DDTC licensing.

Our ballistic gear is subject to any and all restrictions concerning civilian ownership of ballistic equipment. Body armor cannot be owned or sold to persons convicted of a felony. Residents of Connecticut are prohibited from buying Body Armor online (unless the buyer is a police officer, Police Department, or military). We cannot ship to Connecticut.

Additional information

Ballistic Rating

NIJ (National Institute of Justice) STD 0106.01 Level IIIA


Desert Tan, Olive Drab, SWAT Black


Small – 18″ to 21″ skull, Medium – 22″ to 25″ skull, Large – 26″ to 29″ skull

Small fits

20″ to 22″ skull circumference

Large fits

25″ to 28.5″ skull circumference

Medium fits

22″ to 25.5″ skull circumference

DOMINATOR II™ Shell Weight

Small 2.25 lbs, Medium 2.5 lbs., Large 2.75 lbs

Dual Accessory Rails

Includes two DLR Type II™ (dual lateral rail) helmet borne accessory rail system

Rail Accessories

Includes four DLR Type II™ compatible rail adapters (two Picatinny and two Wing adapters)

NVG Shroud

Included MilSpec Aluminum fits most standard NVG systems

Exterior Velcro

Copious amounts of external Velcro loop included

Suspension System

Four point sling with padded H-nape.

Interior Padding

Includes the FPS I™ (pronounced fips) Foam Padding System which is comprised of 7 removable pads for complete customization


Limited Lifetime Warranty

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